In the past years, event apps have gone from a nice-to-have extra to an ever-growing strategic tool for the associations behind them. They not only enhance the conference experience of attendees, but, if used right, can help your association to answer the changing demands of professionals and members. Here are 3 mobile strategies that will grow your association's membership value.


Why mobile apps?

A recent study by SmartInsights revealed that people spend more than 5 hours daily on mobile devices. More importantly, 80% of this time is spend in apps, not the browser. It is therefore no longer enough to offer your members a mobile responsive website: Native apps are a must-have membership offering if you want to increase your membership value. Furthermore, apps can help you to become greener and to generate more revenue. Doesn’t that sound good?


Strategy 1: Provide year-round value

During a conference, your mobile app opens a direct communication channel between you and your members. Yet, it is frustrating to see this connection fade after the event is over and users uninstall the event app. The solution to this common problem is simple: Don’t stop at your events. Embed all activities, latest news, industry knowledge and other offerings into your app to transform it into an association-wide portal. Use push notifications to communicate new uploads and drive members back into the app. Offering year-round content will translate into a growing mobile community, better member engagement and ultimately, more membership value.


Strategy 2: Unlock member benefits

Your event app offers many useful features for attendees, such as professional content and networking opportunities. But should these benefits be accessible to all event attendees? - Not necessarily. Restricting areas and features is a great strategy to increase the value of your association's membership. However, be careful to not lock essential parts of your app such as the floorplan or personal programme. Choose features that will enhance the overall conference experience, like a private messaging or an in-app library with videos of sessions and presentations. This way, members have the possibility to experience your events from around the globe! Ask your event app provider if they can connect the app to your membership database, so your members can easily sign in through their account. A win for members and associations.


Strategy 3: Empower millennials

According to the latest Membership Marketing Benchmark Report, 1 in 4 associations struggle to attract younger members. Keep in mind: Millennials are joiners and value collaboration and teamwork, but they won't join your association just because they should. You need to show them clear value for their money spent and their invested time. Our third mobile strategy is to empower millennials answer to their needs: One of the key reasons millennials join associations is their career advancement, so definitely include job openings in your association app!


Mobile apps are all around us and have become a must-have for events and associations. Time has come to employ these apps more strategically. We at Conference Compass assist the largest medical and scientific associations in Europe to reach their goals through our Event and Society Apps. If you want to learn more strategies and get helpful tips on how to employ them, visit our blog or contact us for a free app consultation.



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